Cutting to the chase: Private Health Insurance laws may mean very little depending upon what part of the world you live in. But here, in Australia, this is something of a consistent hot topic. Changes to the laws are seeing reforms being introduced that will limit, or completely remove access to (mainly holistic) preventative therapies.

If you are a returning visitor, as you would know by the tone of the content on our website, we are focused on prevention over cure. Thus, detoxing is a key step in moving towards better health where you are in search of a cure.

This is an open letter to the Honourable Minister Greg Hunt, serving as the Health Minister in the Australian House of Representatives, written in response to a decision to change private health insurance laws and cut rebates for natural therapies under Reform 11.

Given that we are focused on health and wellness, the intent of this policy change is something that directly impacts a large portion of our audience. We want you to know that there is a way for your voice to be heard. You can either send a message to the Senator via the link at the bottom of this page, or you can contact your private health insurance provider to explore your options.

Dear Minister Hunt,

It is disappointing to learn that there are proposed cuts on the way with natural health options under the private health insurance laws that are changing. Given that these have been open to us through our private healthcare for a while, the impact of such a change I fear may be irreversible. My wife and I invest heavily in our health to ensure that we are taking preventative steps rather than queuing up to get the next prescription filled.

As a responsible citizen who is more focused on my wellbeing rather than seeing the Doctor when I get sick, this course of action confounds me. We have a lot to learn in our (Australian) culture about taking a more proactive approach to our health than other cultures do.

For example, the Chinese approach to medicine is a methodology that is at odds with how we operate in our culture. We need to be more driven to stay healthy rather than conditioned to seek medical attention once we get sick. The Chinese stop paying their Practitioners when they become sick, as it is the Practitioner’s objective to keep their Patients healthy.

Surely this shift in behavior towards using natural therapies is one that would yield results that have the potential to translate into cost savings in an already stressed medical system. What is more worrying is that I haven’t even begun to emphasize the impact of an aging population in this letter either.

Yes, I believe that it may take generations to see the fruits of supporting natural therapies as an option for people to seek out health over medication. However, if we can change our habits as a country over time, we can become the Healthy Nation. Imagine that, a country where people want to move to because their population is healthy on so many levels.

We certainly do have some of the best environmental conditions with where we are placed globally for this. And Australian products are envied and highly regarded by many around the world as a result of our clean environment. We need to get our physical and mental health into this same enviably state.

I firmly believe that cutting the ability for people who are paying their own way through private healthcare is not taking steps towards health; it is setting the scene for a sick nation that is a burden to its Government. This course of action is programming the behavior of a generation or more, and will be evident for years to come.

Think about it from this perspective, it is like giving a child a Mars Bar rather than a mango because the price of the fresh, healthy mango is higher than the price of the sugar loaded chocolate bar. What do you believe that the impacts of a lifetime of unhealthy choices are Minister Hunt?

Kind regards,
Matthew Carpenter

To submit your comments and views about the private health insurance laws that are proposed to be changing to the Senator, go to or discuss the matter with your current private health insurance provider.

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