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Cleanse For A Healthier You

Detox & Cure - What Is Colon HydrotherapyDiscover how to cleanse for a healthier you, and improve your quality of life through natural therapies and remedies.

Living Holistically

Learn about how the use of different preventative medicines and therapies can improve your body’s ability to heal itself.

Detox From Substances

Can I Detox From THC - Detox & CureLearn more about how you can detox from THC and other substances naturally, all without the use of any  harmful medications


At Detox and Cure we want to make sure you are aware that the Authors and Owners of this site are Doctors or Registered Dietitians. All information provided through Detox and Cure is intended as information.

Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian.

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This information is for educational purposes only. No responsibility is assumed by the author nor anyone connected with this website for the use of this information and no guarantees of any kind are made for the performance or effectiveness of the recommendations provided.

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These articles are the opinions of the Authors of Detox and Cure. All the information, comments and interviews contained in these articles are the opinions of the Authors and the participants.

Please note that Detox and Cure provide information based on our personal experiences and results. Some of the opinions shared on Detox and Cure may not be suitable for all individuals.

The information in these articles are not personal advice as individual circumstances may vary from one person to the next. Readers should make a personal decision about what is suitable and beneficial for themselves.

We are not dietitians or medical professionals and any information contained in these articles are not to be deemed as personal recommendation. Our past performance is not indicative of your future results.

Holistic health; it's more than just what you eat

Living a holistic lifestyle is more than just eating organic food. To be honest, that on it’s own sounds rather boring, and it doesn’t really excite us. Living holistically is also about experimenting with different culinary styles, which delight the pallet and enhance the senses. Rather than eating manufactured products which might actually be causing us more harm than good.

At Detox and Cure we understand that the relationship we have with food can have positive and negative effects on our bodies. We want to ensure that our mindset is focused on having a more positive relationship with our food to promote wellness and healing.

We recognise that from time to time our bodies need a break from stimulants and toxins which start to accumulate in our bodies. By eliminating some foods for a period of time, we give our bodies permission to heal naturally and find the state of wellness it functions best in.

If you’re intending to fast for any length of time, it is important that you eliminate foods slowly and re-introduce foods back into your diet slowly. Completely cutting everything out of your diet can be harmful and we recommend that you seek professional advice before doing anything drastic.

We’re here to support you on your journey, and provide you with information to guide you as and when you need it. We want to inspire you to live a healthy life, detox your body as needed, and cure yourself naturally.

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