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Natural Healing

The Natural Healing series of articles is intended to provide you with information that is collectively focused on a range of aspects within healing. These include topics that are based in emotional health, mental health, positive mindset, nutritional healing, and wellness to name a few. These are provided to assist you in making decisions which you feel will meet your specific needs. Please keep in mind we can’t take into account an individual’s specific health or current circumstances, so we advise you consult your physician before commencing any specific regime.

These articles delve into a number of different concepts surrounding natural healing and the various benefits that you may find when applying them. Personally, I have found that relying on natural healing approaches help me feel less contaminated by chemicals and other substances, at peace with my body, and mentally and spiritually clearer.

The Natural Healing series of articles explores specific questions which our audience have asked us over time including:

  • Can acupuncture help me detox?
  • What is salt room therapy?
  • Can your body heal with food?
  • What do I need to know about chemicals in personal care products?
  • What is an alkaline diet?
  • What foods help to alkalize your body?
  • What is the safest liver cleanse detox?
  • What is detoxification good for?
  • Is there a connection between food and depression?
  • Are there dangerous chemicals in tap water?
  • Are there really plastics in food?
  • Do breathing exercises help with stress?
  • Is meditation good for improving sleeping?
  • What are high vibrational foods?

If you are seeking specific medical advice the we encourage you to seek support from a professional you trust. The information provided here has not taken your specific circumstances into consideration, and is therefore general in nature and provided for informative purposes only. Personally, we have experienced the following benefits from applying what we have shared with you in our day to day lives:

  • Improved stamina
  • More clarity and mental focus
  • Healthier weight management, and
  • Increased levels of happiness and contentment.

We hope that you find the natural healing outcomes you desire for yourself through what we have shared here.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his or her patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas A. Edison

What is Black Salve Ointment?

What is Black Salve Ointment?

Recently I tried an experiment with black salve, or black sav as some may know it. There has been a lot more talk in the circles I'm in about using black sav for cancer treatment, mainly skin cancer. Before we get too deep into this, I would like to state that this...

How To Cure Gastric Pain?

How To Cure Gastric Pain?

If you’ve ever experienced bloating, you would inevitably experience the discomfort of gastric pain that comes with it. This for many is quickly followed by a series of questions around how to cure gastric pain including: Why is my stomach so bloated? What helps cure...

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