Detox and Cure - What is the Best Detox for THC

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is cannabinoid. This is the prime psychoactive part of cannabis and has been a large part of society for longer than we can really identify.

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What is the Best Detox for THC?


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What is the Best Detox for THC?

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is cannabinoid. This is the prime psychoactive part of cannabis and has been a large part of society for longer than we can really identify. Even with it being so commonly used throughout history, it can still be an addictive substance. In a world where we are becoming increasingly aware of natural and healthy living, detoxing from substances is a popular thing for people to do. So, what is the best detox for THC?  Well, read on to find out!

When you’re trying to detox from THC, it is important to remember there are numerous factors that come into play with the levels of THC in your body. As THC attaches itself to the fatty tissue within the body, it isn’t simply a case of when you last smoked cannabis. The length of use, how often you use, the amount you use and the strength of the cannabis all increase the length of time that THC will stay in the body. Detoxing from prolonged use of THC can take much longer than after a week of regular usage.

Detox and Cure - What Detox Works Quickest for Marijuana

What Detox Works Quickest for Marijuana?

Are you looking for ways to detox from marijuana? Whether you want to pass a drug test or clean yourself up, there are several methods that can help speed up the process. Keep in mind that cannabis can stay in the system much longer than any other substances. 

Natural Detox for THC

What is the best detox for THC? For a natural detox, the best tactic is to drink lots of water, eat healthy whole foods and exercises. As with any other form of detox, drinking lots of water will help to flush the drugs out of your system. It has been recommended that we drink one litre of water for every 22 kilograms (48.5 Pounds) of body weight. Water is a key part of detoxing naturally.

There are also detox drinks on the market that act to dilute the amount of THC in the bloodstream. This is essentially the same logic as drinking lots of water, however, they are often laced with laxatives and diuretics.

Exercise will also help to push everything through your system much faster, as the sweat you produce when you exercise will help remove toxins from the skin. When exercising the body, you also exercise the organs, the digestive system gets a gentle massage which in turn encourages the body to eliminate waste by having a bowel movement. Staying hydrated during exercise is really important.

Another way of increasing the output of bodily fluids (and the drugs attached to them) is to go and sit in the sauna. While this might not be as effective and as quick as exercising, it certainly sounds much more appealing. 

As THC attaches itself to fat particles, it can also be good to remove as much fat from your body as possible. Healthy eating and exercise will burn fat and you’ll remove those toxins a little quicker.

Detox and Cure - What's The Best Detox for Weed

What’s The Best Detox for Weed?

Once it is legal for companies to give random drug screen tests you may be asking yourself what’s the best detox for weed or other drugs in your system.  If you are fortunate to be able to detox prior to a test screen for a job application or random screening you may want to look at ways to fast track your toxin removal.

Answering the question; "What is the Best Detox for THC?"

As THC is such a difficult drug to detox from, due to the nature in which it reacts to fat, it is important to be highly dedicated to detoxing and use the above methods in a combination. The more frequently you detox, and the less frequently you use THC, the faster THC will leave your body.

Detoxing from THC is usually intended to be a long term thing. When asking “what is the best detox for THC?”, you should decide in advance if you are going to use THC again. If the answer is yes, keeping track of your usage will help you to know how much you need to detox in the future.

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